USA deserves it! RON PAUL told you so

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  1. how do we in the USA talk as if we are indestructible. we might be the dumbest nation there is, taking into consideration that everybody gets to go to school. where are all the academics in our ivy league schools who dont speak out about what greenspan and bernanke have done to the US dollar. Immigrants have made this country. DO YOU GUYS KNOW WHY THEY CAME HERE? it was because of the US DOLLAR. we are going to become a third world country(sort of like MEXICO) where there are "THE VERY RICH" and "THE POOR" I am so disgusted that i am not going to continue to write. SH!@%$@$T
  2. the richest man in the world is now a Mexican, Carlos Slim. He owns a bunch of Mexican monopolies.
  3. NOT TRUE..he is a dot on the ass of globalist players wealth.
  4. this is pathetic. our food costs are going through the roof. why should the middle class bail out these wall street gangsters. who bailed me out when i went broke? or the guy down the street who opened a business and lost everything?

    the funny thing is that all these people that eat at these so called trendy restaurants which charge $25 a plate for pasta and for pieces of shrimp. and $10 for a fresh mozzarella ball (which costs them $1) and a tomato drizzled with cheap italian olive oil that is actually from moracco . are going to have to start eating at home on the weekends. THE PARTY IS OVER PEOPLE
  5. oh yes im sorry i forgot about the stonecutters and the illuminati and the rothschilds and the Klingons and the Romulans and the Cardassians. Good call.
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    I just read in Forbes last week that Buffett surpassed Gates and that mexican telecom king.

  7. another great post
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    Lol Klingons...