USA debt clock (bankrupt USA)

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  1. Debt per citizen = $38,462

    Private debt per citizen = $24,109

    Liability per citizen = $192,133
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    Jim Rogers predicted the whole horrible mess-up back 20 years ago !!

    Pity Greenspan et al didn't read his work and do the appropriate counter measures then.

    Clearly more than a wake-up call to completely renovate the system

    Upgrade or die
  3. The Fed owns 50%+ of 13 trillion U.S. national debt. The money the Fed lended to U.S. government was created from thin air, an electronic number entry in book keeping not even in printing paper. The Fed is a private entity, 30% owned by Foreign bankers. The Fed is the biggest fraud of human history. It stole U.S. future away. It must be nationalized, and its assets must be confiscated by U.S. government.
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    you are forgetting

    Private owners of the FED should be jailed for life

    I prefer hanged, but I'll settle for jailed :)
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    Some Jim Roger's quotes

    World-renowned investor and financial commentator James B. Rogers Jr. SAID today that nationalization of mortage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac makes America “more communist than China is right now.”

    Rogers called the bailout “socialism for the rich.”

    “This is madness,” he said. “This is insanity, they have more than doubled the American national debt in one weekend for a bunch of crooks and incompetents. I’m not quite sure why I or anybody else should be paying for this.”

    Rogers said the takeover of Fannie and Freddie is going to make it “harder and harder to get a mortgage.”
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    With the present cast of jerks in Washington, it is not going to happen ( withdraw US troops from Europe ). The politicians are going to foul things up. They are not going to do what has to be done. They are going to be more concerned about keeping their votes and winning the next election. That is going to continue until we are forced into solving our problems. Then it is going to be disaster.

    Said in the 1980s by Jim Rogers even before that half-wit Bush jnr was elected !

    Democracy promotes the choice of the quantity. Pity it rarely coincides with quality

    Can't say I am not trying to help you guys a bit - damn hard work tho
  7. The United States has $82.7 Trillion of debt on and off the books. Look on,(

    We have 154,000,000 people working in the United States out of 307 million people.

    When you divide $82.7 Trillion by 154 million people....we each owe $538,000.00. We each owe over half a million dollars for the debt. We are bankrupt.

    Times one percent or 1,540,000 times the 9.7 percent unemployment rate. you will approach 14,900,000 unemployed people in the United States.

    That is how you know the figure is the correct one for the amount of people working in the United States.
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    One must ask the questions :-

    Who is to blame ?

    And will they be fined or forgiven ?

    That's assuming you guys ever emerge from the mess ??

    The USA seems to have bankrupted itself over 911.

    Afghanistan has already bankrupted and therefore beaten the British Empire and the Soviet Empire, so any student of history would have seen the whole scenario play out twice before.

    Takes a real dope to fall into the same old trap for the third time, but you managed it George !!
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    Of course the obvious way out is to deflate the value of the dollar until the odd trillion is neither here nor there.

    Anyone with an enthusiasm for Robert Mugabe's economics must view this as a serious possibility.
  10. Humpy wrote: "Afghanistan has already bankrupted and therefore beaten the British Empire and the Soviet Empire, so any student of history would have seen the whole scenario play out twice before. "
    I've been wondering why no politicians ever read a history book.
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