USA:Breakup might be imminent

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    Something BIG is happening; 9 U.S. states declare sovereignty
    Last week, I reported on this blog that the New Hampshire Legislature made a dramatic declaration warning the federal government that they risk "nullifying the Constitution."

    Within the past 7 days, eight other U.S. states have made similar declarations of their sovereignty!

    Clearly something "big" is up. These types of actions by state legislatures rarely if ever take place, and I know of absolutely no time in US history when so many states made such declarations within such a short period of time.

    WHAT IF. . . . . .
    The states disband the federal government; which is within their power to do via Constitutional Convention, then walk away from the entire $20 TRILLION U.S. National Debt?

    They could tell the creditors to go collect the money from the people who borrowed it. . . . . Oh, wait. . . . . . they no longer exist . . . . . too bad. Bye.

    We could be witnessing the foundation of the biggest financial fuck-job in the history of the world as US states dissolve the federal government that borrowed all the money!

    Below are links to the nine states (so far) that have made sovereignty declarations of one type or another.


    New Hampshire






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    Pfft, Michigan, Montana, Arizona....Good riddance.

    Oklahoma can stay but only because I was born there...let's fight to keep Hawaii and New Hampshire. I don't care what Missouri and Washington do; they're welcome to stay if they'd like.
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    None of these links work, bunch of b.s. anyway
  5. I've been hearing since grade school California is going to break off the map.
  6. I think you meant "hoping".

    Give it back to the Mexicans. They're taking it over anyway. If we just give it to them, at least then we can stop paying for all the illegals getting free schools, healthcare, food, etc.

    Would love it if all those Hollywood liberal dicks had their houses overrun by illegals and then were beaten and dragged through the streets. Let's see if they still love them as much after that.
  7. what is this?
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    Love all the dead let me fix one for you so we can all see what kind of declarations of sovereignty we are talking about:

    "Declares Missouri's sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment and urges the United States Congress to reject the passage of the federal Freedom of Choice Act which prohibits regulations on abortion "

    Oh yea, break-up is definitely imminent

    Here is the original blog article since the OP is too moronic to know how to copy/paste links correctly:
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    I must have really gotten under MohdSalleh's skin cause he's running around posting idiotic one-liners to all of my previous posts now.

    There there little princess - you need to be less sensitive, especially when you post moronic trash like the first post in this thread.
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