USA= bottom of the heap?

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    walter4 = dumb or dumber?
  2. I don't really trust these kinds of polls. When we stop being overrun by people willing to die to get here, then I will believe this kind of dats.
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    We're being overrun by people who are being sold the hype, not the reality. Also they come from places still worse than America, like Mexico. But at the rate we're going, it won't be long before we're just a gringo version of Mexico. :( :mad:
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    Democrats started the War on Poverty more than half a century ago.

    We have as much or more poverty now.

    Their programs are a failure and need to be dispensed with.

    Need more be said?
  5. I have spoken often about the Event Horizon and how we are past it. Many here cannot grasp this but the writing is on the wall.
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    Yes, more needs to be said. Your revisionism sucks ass.

    It was LBJ who started the War on Poverty and even schoolkids know he wasn't President "more than half a century ago." Nixon ended the War on Poverty first chance he got, so yeah, it "failed" (because it no longer existed).

    Next thing I know, you'll be blaming the Dems for pollution when the Republicans finally destroy the EPA.
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    Consider the source and the topic. Would you expect less from the NYT ?

  8. There is an Albanian guy who runs a restaurant in my town. We got to talking about various things including me asking why he came to America. He said, "It is the greatest country on earth and it cares about its people."

    I'll take that over what the NYT's says.

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