USA Bombs Libya

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  1. USA send missiles into Libya

    Monday may be a large rally.
  2. reference?
  3. None, of course. (the rally tomorrow)
  4. So does market rally or tank Monday?

    Rally cause Libya oil under control. Or does market tank cause more 'uncertain' conditions exist. ? What say you
  5. Is someone going to compensate the US for using weapons? This socialistic defense policy of ours has got to go. Only 4 of the 28 members of NATO meet the 2% of gdp spending on defense we all agreed to. Once again its easy to spend money when it isnt your own.
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    Is there a link? Who did we bomb and why?
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    They have to use these outdated tomahawk missiles and clear out the inventory so that the new war weapons that have already been bought and paid for can be deployed.

  9. I would guess "Libya oil under control" would be precisely the reason why oil would tank - not go down IMHO (especially the Brent)

  10. I'm not allowed to post links, sorry! Google it. It's all over the newswires.
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