USA basketball no longer tops in the world

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  1. there were few "slip ups" in the past, that perhaps could have been explained by sub par teams, not so lately, especially this year.
  2. The Americans shot only 59% of their free throws, and shot only 32% of their 3 point shots.

    I bet Larry Brown feels a bit vindicated...
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    yep, he's probably the only guy associated with the league that isn't embarrassed today. At least amongst US born players.

    After last time they said they were gonna get guys who could shoot threes, but they must have...forgot?
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    over a seven game series id bet my house on the American team...If i had to pick a sqaud most would come from the American players with the exception of some quality euro players...but make no mistake there is a reason lebron and company are getting paid millions and it isnt for their looks...peace
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    We haven't fared well against any good team that plays a zone, and then if the other team shoots well to boot, we're in trouble. I think we had to come from behind the last two or three games we played. Yeah, we've got the best individ talent, but so what? It's not a one on one tournament. We're lookin at bronze at best. I would just like to know why guys like Bibby and some of the other deadeyes around the league aren't on this team. With the athleticism we have, we've got to know a zone is comin, don't we?
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    NBA style basketball is a joke. These guys are much more concerned about making the highlight reels, than playing smart, fundemental team basketball.

    Greece should buy an NBA expansion franchise and dominate the league for decades. Perhaps that would knock these dregs down a beg.
  7. Greece could not compete in the NBA on a full time basis. Not by the NBA rules. Not over an 81 game schedule.

    Look, Miami lost the first 2 to Dallas, and won the Championship.

    Different game the NBA and international ball, I don't know why the US bothers...

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    I don't know how you arrive at that conclusion. Greeks are not strong enough to go 81 games? You're officiating comments are spot-on though, considering NBA officiating is so notoriously rigged.

    I'd wager the greeks have more team-pride. The NBA has been reduced to entertainment, they showcase their stars, not their teams.

    Maybe I'm just jaded and tired of professional sports altogether, its gotten so crass and boring.

    Some interesting comments here:
  9. Playing together for 81 games means a lot. Look at Miami, they had a very shaky beginning.

    I am just saying that if you took this USA team, had them play a regular season together as a team in the NBA, that they would be much stronger than just a bunch of guys on summer vacation.

    That teamwork and pride doesn't come over a few weeks.

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    You're probably right. I'll rephrase:

    I'd like to see Greece buy an NBA expansion franchise and win the Title a few times. (Perhaps, not likely, but would be a thrill to watch.)

    The inevitable would then occur, the Greek stars would be lured away by $$$ and shoe contracts, and become entertainers also.
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