USA: 142 $B debt increase in...2 days

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by DT-waw, Oct 4, 2011.

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    Obviously you're not that bright. We borrow 40 cents for every dollar spent. So we would have to raise tax revenues by 66%.........just to not grow the deficit (still wouldn't reduce it).

    What do you think that would do to consumption???
  3. so cutting taxes on the rich even more is a good idea?

    obama offered a deal against the wishes of the left during the debt limit fight. $1 of tax revenue against $3 of spending cuts. the republicans refused.
    sounded reasonable to me. since then republicans have pretty much run the show. their idea for creating jobs = lower taxes even though we have record debt and corporations are already sitting on trillions in cash.
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    Are you stupid? Do you trade well? Obama put the debt there with instruments that, in their essence, FORCE ME TO PAY FOR DOZENS of frankly lazy people's health insurance. Socialism, no way around it, and you're happy of it but embarrassed to call it socialism you ass.
  5. The problem is so massive that neither taxing "the rich" at 100%, nor any rational amount of entitlement cutbacks will solve the problems. We might have had a chance 10 years ago if we started a meaningful debate about how to "fix" these things, but there isn't a rat's chance in hell of doing something at this point.

  6. wow do you fit this:
    "The mind is a terrible thing to waste... But it does make becoming a republican much easier once it's gone.."

    so obama caused the debt by forcing you to pay other peoples health insurance? if you are talking about obamacare that doesnt even go into effect till 2014. do you think much?
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    funny, isn't it. that's as much debt in 1 week as all Greek debt outstanding for the past many years...
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