US wants immunity in Iraq to be ABOVE the law

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    If you are a US soldier in Iraq and you walk into a family house and kill mother and father and rape and kill their daughter. (which by the way happened at least once)

    YOU ARE IMMUNE, that's the deal US had and wants to keep.

    The United States is withdrawing the last of its combat troops at the end of this month after the Iraqi government failed to win parliamentary support to offer them legal immunity, without which American forces cannot be deployed abroad.

    Earlier this year Iraq offered NATO alliance (USA) unspecified "protection privileges" but the two sides have so far been unable to reach agreement on the details of such an arrangement.
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    It's SOP.
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    So both you can't say this is false

    cause it ain't,

    so why did you guys post. If you can't say this isn't true. Why come here at all ?

    Good question no?

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  5. Its good that US wants immunity. The Pakistani ISI can train all Iraqi whores to accuse marine officers on rape charges.
  6. If that's true then why are we giving Pakistan our tax payer dollars?

    Also, this issue has already been settled. Iraq refused to give our troops immunity from prosecution and that is why we are removing them.

    October 6, 2011 12:00 am
    BAGHDAD - The possibility that some U.S. troops would remain in Iraq past the Dec. 31 withdrawal date appeared all but doomed Wednesday as Iraqi political leaders ruled out any special legal protections for military trainers who stay behind.
    U.S. officials, who have been advocating a continued presence past the withdrawal date set in a 2008 agreement, held out hope that some sort of accommodation might still be reached.
  7. Giving them dollars that route the way back to militants because there are a lot of islamic bigots in US itself. See the thread which I linked Harvard with Paki ISI
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    This is a very typical arrangement. Not unusual at all.

    This doesn't make the soldier immune to punishment. It just means that they will not be tried and sentenced in foreign courts. They are subject only to the US military justice system. That is almost always a specified condition when one of the world superpowers agrees to station troops somewhere to protect against invasion.