Us vs. Them

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Which 'Us vs. Them' is most important & significant to YOU?

  1. Our nation vs. Other nations

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  2. Citizens vs. Illegal aliens

    9 vote(s)
  3. Government officials vs. Everyone else

    17 vote(s)
  4. Blacks vs. Whites

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  5. Jews vs. Gentiles

    3 vote(s)
  6. Gays vs. Straights

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  7. Rich vs. Poor

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  8. My faith/religion (or atheism) vs. Other faiths

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  1. (Yes, I realize some of these categories can overlap each other)
  2. I chose "Government officials vs. Everyone else". I have no religion and i`m a mutt. Dont care what your sexual preference is as long as they are of age.

    But mostly its me vs myself these days...toughest battle ever.
  3. Ditto. Obama is a MUCH greater threat to America than Osama.
  4. The biggest "us vs. them" should be between the moral and the immoral. The ethical versus the unethical. Everything else is superficial and usually self-serving at the expense of others and the whole.
  5. Blotto


    For me, only the category of "government" is relevant to "us and them".

    All other examples given are not personally distinguishing factors. What do I care if someone is or is not a "citizen" - nothing to do with who they are and what they stand for. Those seeking such "black / white" divisions are doing this to stir up misplaced self interest and suspicion in the ranks of the public. This is never to the benefit of the individual.

    This goes for gay bashers, jew haters, bible thumpers and those who have been convinced that the Mexicans are coming for their jerbs. The sole objective of the morality police: divide and rule.

    Government on the other hand; these individuals purport to exercise power over me. The existence of these officials interferes with my right to govern myself according to my own beliefs, while respecting the right of others to do the same. You better believe I see that as "us" and "them".

    As for the rest of the categories - I don't consider them in terms of us and them. However, I ought to qualify that:

    Other nations - as long as they do not invade
    Gays - as long as they respect my right to choose my own sexual partners
    Poor - as long as they do not conspire en masse to rob me of my wealth
    Other faiths - as long as their book does not tell them I am life unworthy of life as an infidel and they are to convert / kill me and they act on this

    If any of the above happens, it is interfering with my rights again by force...and we're straight back to "government".
  6. Have you ever met anyone who <i>didn't</i> think they belong in the 'moral' category? Truth is, we <b>all</b> fit somewhere in the grey zone between moral and immoral. Power corrupts. Extreme circumstances do as well.
  7. Very true...we are all immoral beings, but the problem is that most people will not admit what they do is immoral if they see other people doing the same thing.

    The biggest problem is that bad people think they are good. For instance...Al Capone once gave an interview and he said he believed he was a good guy even though he did so much bad. Mother Teresa believed she was a bad person even though she did so much good.

    The difference is that when you think you are not a good person, you generally try really hard to be a better person. If you think you already are a good person, you dont try to be better because you are already good in your mind.
  8. Us and Them.

    Pink Floyd is my choice.
  9. TGregg


    Liberty vs. Tyranny. Unfortunately the liberty group is so tiny it didn't even make your list. :(
  10. Humans vs a cold, uncaring universe.
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