Us vs. Them

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  1. This is the new America as represented by Obama and the Democrat's.


    The "old" America is as we're hearing lately is too..... old. Too fat. Too rich. Too insensitive. Plantation owners.


    We OWE the guy pictured first. We're NOT PAYING OUR FAIR SHARE to those minorities.

    Change is coming. Death to the left!
  2. You dumb shit.

    You spent all that time hunting for those pictures so you could post something that everyone with half a brain will look at and think you're someone who walks the streets ranting under his breath to himself.

  3. Nice fantasy. Here's the America represented by the Republicans, and why I won't be voting for any Republicans:





  4. Yea I get all misty too when I see war criminals being subject to BDSM abuse. So sickening.

    It makes me long for the days of Vietnam and WWll when we'd kill millions of civilians. Or when FDR would intern Japanse-Americans. I mean it was just pathetic seeing the way Bush raided every Muslim home in America after 9/11 and tore families apart as he interned hundreds of thousands for no other crime than their religion.
  5. It is. Not to mention the prisoners who were murdered (turns out most didn't do anything by the way). The fact that you've lost your humanity is also sad.

    The Vietnamese Government through a spokesman named 'Pa(b)st" is not only denying that McCain was a prisoner of war they are claiming he was not tortured but instead was subjected to "enhanced interrogation methods". The spokes man added if he had information that would help prevent further bombings and death among the Vietnamese people that these methods were necessary.

    Another reason to not vote Republican, every time you think that they can't set the bar lower, they do just like you just did.

  6. LMFAO. Which "Party" interned Americans?

    And you're right I've lost my humanity. Murder in America is a bigger priority to me than murder in Iraq.
  7. I keep my standards no matter where I am.
  8. This would be a good time for you to once again profess your love, admiration and profound respect for Adolph Hitler...

  9. The NEXT face of America. Obama is leading us into Racial Wars and the elite bankers have stripped America of her assets leaving behind economic chaos.

    Submit...or face Pain Compliance.

    These friendly gents will uphold your rights and freedoms, won't they? Constit...what?

    Right to a fair and speedy..what?


    And endless wars for Israel

  10. Honestly, I think most obama supporters would vote for Hugo Chavez. Come to think of it, the only difference between them is Chavez knows which end of a gun to hold.
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