US voters back Obama as commander-in-chief

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    US voters back Obama as commander-in-chief

    US President Barack Obama has overwhelming support from American voters for his use of drone strikes against terror suspects and his planned troop drawdown in Afghanistan, a poll found Wednesday.

    Obama, who signed off on the US special forces raid which killed Osama bin Laden last year, also enjoys a wide edge over his likely Republican election foe Mitt Romney on national security and foreign policy, the poll showed.

    Eighty-three percent of those asked in the Washington Post/ABC News survey said they backed Obama's use of unmanned drone aircraft against terror suspects, which have caused disquiet among some civil liberties groups.

    The president spoke publicly about the drone strikes for the first time in a Google+ and YouTube interview last month, and has presided over such attacks against extremists in Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

    Seventy-eight percent of those asked approved of Obama's plans to draw down troops in Afghanistan, despite fierce criticism of the president's strategy from Republican presidential candidates, including Romney.

    Voters were also asked whether they approved of the decision to keep the Guantanamo Bay war on terror detention facility in Cuba open and 70 percent approved.

    Obama vowed to close the camp, which he said was a recruiting tool for terrorists, shortly after taking office in 2009, but due to congressional opposition and complications in dispersing inmates has been unable to do so.

    The survey contained the latest evidence that Obama's conduct as US commander-in-chief has wiped out the traditional edge Republicans have had over Democrats in national security policy.

    The findings will likely complicate the efforts of Republican candidates to portray Obama, who last year kept his promise to get US troops home from Iraq, as feckless on national security.

    The poll showed that Obama led Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, by 56 percent to 36 percent when respondents were asked who they trusted to combat terrorism.

    Respondents also trusted him more on international affairs by a 56 to 37 percent margin.

    In previously released findings, the poll found that 50 percent of Americans approved of Obama's job performance the most since early last year.

    Overall, Obama led Romney by 51 to 45 percent among registered voters, pulling out a lead based on improving economic sentiment which coincided with a drop in unemployment to 8.3 percent in January.
  2. Thought this was odd:

    20% of Republicans to vote for Obama

    But, to be fair: 20% of Republicans leaning to Obama ? I’m Skeptical Of This Premise….

    I understand the disruption in the GOP, at least I think I do. Not liking Romney so much, because he is sort of 'Obama-lite' as some call him. With Santorum polling better, some fear he is too socially conservative, so not electable. But, to say they prefer Obama over the current GOP list, something doesn't seem right here.

    I'm going to search for 'dem's voting for GOP' - just to see what's out there.

  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Again (and for the 12th or so time), all polls are irrelevant until there are two candidates. Then it will become a question of who is Obama, and who is not.
  4. I wouldn't doubt it.That was my exact thoughts when I noticed that some of Obamas best poll numbers were from Rasmussen

    A lot of old folks don't want their medicare messed with.The Republican House passed a bill ending it as it currently is and Romney said he supports that bill.I think a lot of old republicans will vote for Obama on that issue alone
  5. Again ,for the 12th or so time, you are wrong imo
  6. Found this:

    Democrats for Ron Paul in GOP Primary 2012

    Admittedly only Facebook, but a start.

    More from the left however:

    Republican Voters Not Thrilled About Voting

    And some fun: [size-4]Vote Republican Because Jesus Hates Democrats[/size] with a warning whether or not this is serious.

    Not much else on either side. I just have a hard time thinking my republican friends would ever vote for Obama. I honestly can see some of my democrat friends voting for 'someone' from the GOP, maybe not the current crop. We'll have to see.

  7. Good point, big voting block for sure.

  8. You should find stuff about dems voting for Paul,the rest of the GOP candidates I doubt it
  9. LOL !!! I knew it

    Even left wing Huffington post has articles supporting Paul
  10. Indeed, and I cannot wait for this stark contrast, so the nation can send you back under the rock from whence you came:)
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