US TV habit is growing

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  1. The TV landscape is as fragmented as ever, leading to lower viewership for most broadcast networks but more TV watching overall as viewers sample more and more alternatives. During the 2008-’09 season Americans watched TV for an average of four hours and 49 minutes each day, an all-time high and up four minutes from the previous year, according to Nielsen. Households watched an average of eight hours and 21 minutes per day, also an all-time high and up three minutes from last year. The numbers include live viewing plus DVR playback within seven days. Nielsen attributes the increases to a number of factors, including more TV sets in the home, more channels and content to choose from, and increased DVR use. As for primetime viewing, the average person watched one hour and 12 minutes per day, flat to last year. Household primetime viewing was actually down a tick from last year, from just over one hour and 53 minutes to around one hour and 52 minutes.
  2. I predict it will increase as unemployment goes to 20%.
  3. You must be meaning the "phony number... the one for the public".... 'cause real rate is already >20%.
  4. I cut out TV and internet after working hours. Free time increased tremendously.

    Look out across your city tonight and see the blue glow in all the houses.

    Get up, go to work, come home, TV, bed time. Rinse and repeat 10,000 times between ages 21 and 65.

    TV has wasted a lot of human potential.
  5. If people cannot afford to pay for cable/satellite TV service, network viewing should go up if you have an antenna to receive a terrestrial signal. :cool:
  6. If you believe TV is "bad", then you must really hate what the internet will eventually do to humanity. :cool:
  7. there is tremendous fun to be had from watching cable or pay per view or playing something like WoW.
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    What are you like, 10 years old?

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  9. Dumbass, MMORPGS are played world over and by people of all age categories. Besides I said something like WoW not wow exactly. You can play WWII online, or Star Trek online, or AION, or all kinds of other things.
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    its creepy to see neighbors all transfixed to a blue screen...they look like zombies...its creepy...lots of waste programs merely serve as a support to commercials now-not the other way around.
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