US troops will fight in Pakistan?

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  1. Butho assasination makes it come closer than many think.

    When things turn really worse, Musharraff is thrown out of power, UN troops -including lots of US troops will be sent there, to prevent nukes from falling in the hands of AlQaeda.

    Not too bad, at least this war will not increase oil prices much. Wars almost always boost the economy.
  2. GLD and OIL appear to be rallying. FLIR makes nightvision stuff. Oats to feed refugees.
  3. US couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. Forget it.
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    You are a first class moron.

    1) US would never go after pakistan even if Alqaeda does get the nukes. It is a huge country with people who have nothing to lose.

    2)No Oil money

    3)Iran has oil, so if Bush is going to war....we all know which country he would go after

    4)Sickest thing that comes out of people's mouth is " war is good for the economy." You are talking about the lives of human beings, and you are thinking about money.

    5)kill yourself

  5. Vietnam had no oil, no minerals, no-nada
    We spent 50,000 lives there on a 'theory'
  6. When will you guys figure out it's the central banks that control these events.

    They make money from wars, they love wars.
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    I would imagine that we know exactly where all of Pakistan's nukes are and in the event of anarchy in Pakistan we would send a few of the deep bunker busting bombs over there to target them with international approval. No need for any US boots on the ground, minimal to no civilian collateral damage. Take away the nukes and Pakistan just becomes another unfortunate 3rd world humanitarian crisis and we all know how much play they get (Darfur, Rwanda).
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    Are you sure about this?
    A quick search turned up these results:
    Natural resources: phosphates, coal, manganese, bauxite, chromate, offshore oil and gas deposits, forests, hydropower
    Cia World factbook

  9. Every country has 'something' in the ground
    The question is:
    how much
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    A WAR WOULD NOT HELP OUR ECONOMY ! has it so far ?? if you say yes , you are a real dumbshit ! and clueless !

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