US$ Toilet Flush TA Signal

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by yoohoo, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Looks like the Fed will soon hit the full flush button.

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  2. Maybe. The Euro upmove is beginning to look exhausted for now, though. And not just against the US currency. The story is just as much euro strength as it is dollar weakness, and the fundamentals behind it are rather lame.

    EUR/GBP = all time highs.

    EUR/AUD = similar

    EUR/SEK - massive up moves.

  3. JamesJ


    look at USD/CHF...

    yezzz.... thats 0.15 within 3 days...
    never even a move close to this before...

    everyone flees into safe havens... (no huge debt economies with questionable real value of currency and huge future inflation)
  4. HLB


    Every year same thing: end of december - big players at vacation, small highly leveraged players able to move the market.
    I'm short. Need to survive till Jan 2009 ;)