US to Issue bonds in Foreign Currencies?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by piezoe, Jul 1, 2008.

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    We are fast approaching an impasse. We must borrow billions upon billions to keep our troops billeted and efficiently killing all over the globe while sending happy checks to everyone.

    This is no laughing matter however. A very serious problem looms and that is the problem of making our bonds attractive enough to attract buyers. Up to now China has gained enough in geopolitical terms to be willing to take the hit on US bonds. But how much longer will they be willing to do that?

    Even though the world is awash in dollars, which fact has saved us so far, as a plummeting dollar is in no Central Bank's interest; yet each Central Bank individually is desirous of divesting themselves of dollar denominated assets.

    In the 1970's many of the Latin American Countries, in order to attract buyers, issued bonds denominated in foreign currencies. Though it is unlikely the US would ever attempt such a thing, as for example issuing US bonds denominated in Swiss Francs or the Euro, as that would not play at all well well in Peoria, to say the least, it is entirely within the realm of possibility, i would say likely, the the US will begin issuing bonds denominated in a basket of currencies.

    This can be spun as consistent with global trade, and thus made to look, in Peoria at least, as a forward thinking move by the government. The real reason of course will be desperation.

    If this happens, and it could, simply because our creditors weary of being cheated and are no longer receiving sufficient geopolitical compensation, we will have received a dire harbinger of ruin.
  2. Why would the USA want to do this? If they issued bonds in foreign currency, the US Treasury cannot print their way out of America's troubles.
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    No government does this voluntarily.
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    If, indeed, the US should start issuing bonds denominated in a basket of currencies, they might very well be referred to, unofficially of course, as "Obama Bonds". Has sort of a nice ring to it, don't you think? :D
  6. Come on now. Don't you think that type of capitulation would mark the "final bottom" for the dollar? :)
  7. Shhhh. The US government does not want the world to know that they are doing this. That is one of the reasons why they stopped providing M3 data.