US to bail out Japan?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bearice, Mar 17, 2011.

USA to bail out Japan?

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  1. Other forum poster:

    Judging from what the talking heads on FNC seem to be saying, I am catching a whiff that the Fed might be bailing out the Japanese economy in the near future. Their excuse is that the US insurers and companies are going to be heavily damaged from the quake, tsunami, and nuclear incident. To prevent damage to the US economy I can see these guys trying to do QE3 and work secret deals with the Japanese government and industry.
  2. Other forum poster:

    The USD will fall 20 percent and Japan is in big trouble.The think tank is now talking if this is going to be the perfect time to let the dollar go. They have someone to blame so it seems so this is an open window to let the dollar do a sudden crash.

    This will be a disaster greater then the media is allowing out.
  3. secret deals... hmmm
    or just let them take the blame for the
    dollar depreciation?
  4. Who is going to buy our ass wipe now. They have to rebuild their own country instead of propping up our consumer orgy.
  5. Well, I guess japan could sell their US treasuries too , that would be a fun time for the US :D