US teenagers struggle to find summer jobs

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  1. Daniel Eisner, a junior at the University of Missouri, started looking for work in late May, when he arrived in Atlanta for his unpaid internship with Turner Sports. He applied for the usual summer jobs at places such as Jason’s Deli, Smoothie King and Champs Sports.

    “I was looking for a little spending money,” said Mr Eisner, 20. The businesses said they would call if they needed anyone. “I never got any phone calls.”

    Luckily, he had some savings from working three jobs last summer, when the economy was doing better, and his parents have been willing to lend him money.

    When he returns to Missouri for school in the autumn, Mr Eisner will look for work again but, for now, he has given up.

    Indeed, in June the unemployment rate for teens was 24 per cent, up from 22.7 per cent in May and 21.5 per cent in April. Among adult men, it rose to 10 per cent, from 9.8 per cent in May and 9.4 per cent in April. Among adult women, it was 7.6 per cent in June, from 7.5 per cent in May and 7.1 per cent in April.

    Young people need perspective ! What can ET members do ? I am personally supporting a youth project in NYC.
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    No. They need jobs.
  3. Young, undistinguished people can't find jobs in a terrible recession....SHOCKER!
  4. Is this for real? Was he expecting a job delivered to him by limo on a gold platter? No wonder he doesn't have a job.
  5. Try for a job doing manual labor.
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    Even those are hard to come by these days. Or at least for Americans they are.
  7. Perhaps 7.25 an hour (effective 7/24/09) + employers share of FICA + other taxing authority(s) admin costs for employing 1 person in a given geographic area + training caused Mr. & Mrs. Smallbusiness (in 29 states) to give up movie-night and personally man the ship.

    To be fair, it remains unknown what effect, if any, minimum wage increase will have in this recessionary environment. Oh yea, the recession is over. Blue sky from now on! Interestingly, the term "blue sky law" is based on fraud. LOL!
  8. When my teens were looking for a job.

    They filled out the application, then I went in and told the owner that I was driving them to work and they would be on time AND they WOULD follow the bosses orders AND they wouldn't call in sick on a scheduled day of work.
  9. Same here. And what's more, my Dad did the same. And I remember my very first job. Big Herm's Hot Dogs and Italian Beef. Dad played weekly poker with Big Herm.

    Thanks for the memories :)
  10. Want to know what's funny? I keep hearing about unemployment rates and how hard it is to find "a job". Yet every Sunday the paper is chock full of job offers in the want ads. Problem is people don't want "a job". Many keep holding out for THE job that they want.
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