us taxes under obama. lowest in 50 years:

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  1. Yes, because no one is making in money genius. LOL!! Everyone has slid into the lower tax brackets einstein. Your thinking is certainly "free" of any logic. LMAO!

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    I feel taxes are too low, others feel they are too high. Can science help?
  3. Yes. Objective observation of Bush tax cuts clearly shows that middle incomes did not rise nearly in proportion, if at all, and that Bush's job creation record is the worst in decades. Therefore, the hypothesis of tax cuts being good for the economy is not supported by the evidence. We owe Mr. Bush a debt of gratitude for setting us straight, albeit at considerable personal expense on the part of the American middle class.

    Thanks for asking. :D
  4. So what you are saying is that because Obama & the dems do not know how to correctly run the country by taxing people the correct amount, that is the reason that they are cutting education, medicare. And what you are also saying is that because Obama is an idiot like that, instead of raising taxes today, he will just spend money today so everyone has to pay it back in taxes plus interest later on down the road?

    So is that correct? This article was basically you saying Obama is an idiot who cant do anything right?

    I mean, in your mind this should be a bad thing right? Lower taxes and all, so are you against Obama now, or did you just not think through what you were writing?
  5. Inflation is a stealth tax and we've had plenty of that. And yes I include real estate tripling or quadrupling from the mid 90s thru the mid 00s as inflation (asset appreciation for one generation vs unbearable debt burden for the next buyer). All sorts of "fees" and various stop gap taxes have been put into place over the past 20 years. These should be factored in as well. Then we have gas taxes and local sales taxes to account for.

    Should we talk about the costs of attending college? or private schools? or property taxes? or health insurance? Plenty of other things to throw into the "inflation tax" bin...

    Sorry, but any meaningful debate about "taxes" has to include ALL of the taxes that someone pays over the course of a year. By that measure, (including rampant inflation in many necessities), we've been taxed more than enough.
  6. This should be Obama's campaign story.
    All he needs to do is cut spending to match revenue and he gets reelected.
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    I think we should raise taxes generously on the elderly and poor. Turn the screws a lil bit.
  8. Just raise taxes on the golden parachutes that all of the unionized states are on the hook for. Tax dollars out, tax dollars right back in.
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    No. Only common sense can. That's why we are doomed as a country.
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