US T Bond (ZB) historical tick data

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    Hi All

    I am badly in need of a years worth of tick data for Tradestation on the T Bond (ZB). I have tried and CBOT but neither offer it, can anybody tell me were I can get it from.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Sorry I don't know the answer to your question, but have you noticed how in the past few months lots of people on here have developed an interest in ZN and ZB? If that means that in a few months the treasury futures will trade like ES and NQ, I might as well start looking for a job right away...
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    I bought it some weeks ago - I can recommend it.

    Dont forget to have a look at FOREX before you start with bond trading. In my opinion FOREX is the best market to trade.

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  4. Hi Forex Trader,

    Where do you trade, please?
  5. I don't know if the bigger interest in stock index eminis has anything to do with the way they trade recently. The reason for this is decreased volatility and so decreased daily ranges. ES does not trend as well as it did last year about the same time, but ZB may also stop trending once they lose their increased volatility. The stock market is at its relative highs and so the volatility is at its relative lows. Bonds usually act in contrary ways to stock indices and so no wonder that now they are experiencing good trends because of their increased volatility.

  6. This months issue of Stocks & Commodities magazine has a complete list of data vendors .
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    what would be your reasons to trade forex? i am interested in and and dont know much about it. thanks.
  8. @nononsense

    I will start Forex Trading in a few weeks. At

    you may find a broker. I have done a lot of research and I think I will open an account with FXCM. ( )


    Forex is an 24 hour market and it trend very well. I have developed trading systems for the major currencies. For me it was easier to develop a profitable system with currencies than with bonds. If you are a tick trader (only small targets), bonds may be better, because if you trade Forex you have to pay the spread. If you like wider trends, I think Forex is better.
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    you dont have to pay the spread, just trade the futures.
  10. If you want to trade another currency beside the EURO/USD, liquidity is not very good and it is not really a 24 hour market. For me this is no alternative.
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