US study finds Alzheimer's spreads like infection

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  2. My own scientific studies conducted over a lifetime of debauchery and dissolution suggest that liberally and frequently bathing the brain in ethanol inhibits the onset of dementia.
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    cocoanut oil
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    Joe Doaks.... the section on neurotransmitters and the rest after,they are chemicals that we make,it's possible that all the brain problems stem from these electrical abberations,the explanation of diet below shows how to enhance the ups and downs, there was a woman on pbs in 99 who worked with an 8th grade kid and took from 47th to 3rd in his class using the contraption below,by simultaneously connecting the dots on 2 sheets of paper,one on the left,one on the right,without the right eye being able to see the left hand and vice versa,the brain had to produce enough chemicals for a short time for the brain to continuosly converse left side/ right side,sort of an overload.. (the left half of body controlled by right brain and vice versa meant that the left eye had to tell right brain what left hand was doing so it could control it and not be dazed and confused)it is possible that the alzhiemers is a spot where the brain slows down or stops producing chemicals in different parts of the brain..use of this contraption may or may not help..but joe if anyone was crazy enough to try would be a candidate..please try it and let me know if it works 5 ,10, 15 minutes a day ..pretty sure i will be needing it within a decade