US Stocks 5 min data

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  1. jitasb



    I wonder if some kind member will direct me to a charting application/website.

    I am after 5 min charts for US Stocks which go back a number of years (say 5 or 6).
    E.g Say I wanted to look at 5min chart for AAPL on 21st Mar 2002 ?

    Any ideas on where I can obtain this info.
    I currently use QuoteTracker and DTNIQ, which are very good but they don't go back very far.

    Many Thanks
  2. you'll have to pay for it.
  3. jitasb


    OK ...
  4. Bob111


    qcharts..they have intraday (down to 1 min)data from 1990 or so..get free 1 month trial,qcollector and you all set :)