Us Stock Down For The Second Day:

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  1. Finally same thing had happened which the investors and traders were afraid of , the continued increase in the market to the greatest extent will also have its own limitations to be considered after continuing rise in the market in the previous week. The NASDAQ composite index fell the most and that dragged down the US stock market for the second consecutive day ,the NASDAQ slid 20.83, or 0.9 % reaching 2237.60. Slow growth in the Manufacturing industry showed concern and the weakening economic growth were the reasons for the technological stock market slumping as the patent dispute was threatening the sales of the stock and City Group cutting its rating on Apple Computer inc and Wal-Mart stores world’s largest retailer by determining after September sales were at the low end of the forecast.

    In addition to the above, The Dow Jones Industrial Average declined after exceeding its highest falling oil prices and a manufacturing report that showed cost increases eased. The moves in stocks were exacerbated by relatively light trading as traders and investors observed. The index hasn't had a bigger decline since Sept. 6. A gain in industrial stocks including General Electric Co., which said its jet-engine unit is winning market share in China, limited the decline in the Dow average.
    The Standard & Poor's 500 Index lost 4.53, or 0.3% reaching 1331.32. The Economic reports have suggested that the Federal Reserve has kept prices in check without slowing the economy too much.