US State Department Says New Testament is Anti-Semitic Hate Speech

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    Normally, I steer clear of theological 'debates' that double as bigoted demagoguery.

    Vilifying modern-day Jewry for their ancestors hand in Christs death is as pointless as it is stupid.

    As a Christian, Jesus had to be crucified by Jews to fulfill Biblical prophecy.

    Further, contemporary Jews bear as much responsibility for killing Christ as Bible-belt "evangelicals" are responsible for the Crusades.

    The point is moot.

    But when the US State Department declares fundamental pillars of the Christian faith "anti-semitic" because they depict Jews from TWO MILLENIA AGO in a bad light, well F*CK YOU State Department.

    My First Amendment Right as an American gives me Freedom of Speech AND Religion.

    That means whether your Zionist-loving ass likes it or not, you won't re-write the Christian Bible or silence it through anti-semitic smear attempts and defamations.

    Now the US Government is going to tell me that as a Jesus-believing Christian, I'm an Anti-Semite??

    This Country is going to the dogs.

    How many times has the Israeli Government been caught spying against this Country?

    How many times has the Israeli Government STOLEN advanced Military technology from this Country?

    And how many times has the Israeli Government SOLD that military technology to our RIVALS???

    How many times do we need to get pushed around and bullied like a 3-rd grader before we grow a pair and say no to this Clap Trap of radical-Zionism thats feeding off this Country like a disgusting parasite??

    I'm being careful here not to make blanket statements about "the Jews", in general. I see these treacherous acts eminating from the small radicalized, Zionist-wing of the Israeli Government that most patriotic, flag-waving Jewish Americans detest.

    So here it is:

    Under the header "Defining Anti-Semitism":

    Examples of the ways in which anti-Semitism manifests itself with regard to the state of Israel....could include:

    ...Using the symbols and images associated with CLASSIC ANTI-SEMITISM (e.g., CLAIMS THE JEWS KILLED JESUS
    or blood libel) to characterize Israel or Israelis. pg7.

    And again on pg 81.

    BTW, our Department of Thought Crimes also declared you anti-semitic if you:

    -- Claim Jews have undue influence in the nations media, economy or Government. Talk of a influential Pro-Israeli Lobby is conspiratorial hate speech (and the Rothschild Banking Dynasty doesn't exist) (pg 4.).

    -- Criticize Zionism or Israel if such criticism leads to lowering of the public opinion of Jews or the government, military, or people of Israel (p. 7).

    --- Allege that American Jews are equally or more loyal to Israel (p.4)
  2. Told ya, you want a medal or something?

    Where did you think it would go.
    There is no recourse.
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    As Jesus is a fictional figure, and the Crusades are not, the point is indeed moot, but nevertheless "Defining Anti-Disnitism" will soon become a more pressing hate issue with the Thought Police, and could include the using of any symbols and images associated with CLASSIC CARTOONS against THOSE RESPONSIBLE for KILLING Bambi's mother.
  4. maybe i need a new brand of coffee, but stu irritated me immediately. oh well.. the ignore list grows by 1.

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    Medal for what?

    Keeping quiet won't do any good.

    If we give in to the chilling effect, we've got zero hope.

    Seems you lost some of that ideological zeal in your old age.

    Fight the good fight, and all that bah humbug stuff.
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    Yea, well whatever New Age Godless tripe you believe in, they'll be coming for that next.
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    Thanks for cheering me up, Dawg.:p
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    I'm reasonably sure of one thing from your response.Had Jesus ever lived, he would not be a Christian.
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    Taking the high road after trash talking my religion, STFU?

    This guy was on Alex Jones radio show (free daily live web streaming show also) last week and had some very interesting info.
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