US soldiers ADMIT TO RAPE AND MURDER!!! TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Now that the guys admit to rape and murder should they be sentence to death

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  1. finally the truth comes out. The guys actually admits it. So, my fellow republican eters there is no ifs and buts, they admit to it. There is no insurgent fire, there is nothing to excuse them for the acts. So what is your excuse now. Its a slam dunk case, these guys admit so you must sentence to death. its the law. What would you do to people who raped 14 and 5 year old, set kerosense on them while they are still alive. And then shoot them and their parents. HMMMMMMmm in the states they would probably execute them right. No ifs and buts its time to sentence to death. These are cold blooded murderers. They keep saying they were under pressure that was there excuse. What a bunch of MF's. If these guys did the same thing in the states, what would happen to them.
  2. bsmeter


    War makes people do bad things. If you're a brain washed sadist you tend to get carried away when you start doing these bad things.

    As this Israeli spokes woman would say, shit happens.

    Hey, don't you know there are terrosists every where. Even your shadow could be hiding one!! :D

    Heyyyy, look here. They even have the ability to arise from the dead!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

    Hijack 'suspects' alive and well

    Another of the men named by the FBI as a hijacker in the suicide attacks on Washington and New York has turned up alive and well.

    Hhahhahahha!!! you really can't make shit like this up even if you wanted to. :D
  3. lol you got to admit americans arent that bright. Hmmm heres our plan for the middleeast. Bring democracy and everything will be better LOL. God, Et republicans thats just like saying buy low sell high, look your the greatest trader in the world. Its not that easy

  4. I think these guys were from red states. Whatya expect?!?!
  5. I doubt it matters what states they came from. Military training pretty much brainwashes you into mindless automatons to do as your commander wishes. The removal of reasoning and moral responsiblity is part of the process (like the Nazi excuse of "just following orders"). Then when natural primal urges arise, this event is what you get. I doubt this was the only incident, just one of the few that got reported and publicized enough that it couldn't be hushed up quickly.

    Remember what happened to the guy that inspired "A Few Good Men"?
  6. myongsun


    the only way to save our faces is to excute Green & et al.
    any other remedies would only create more enemies and tarnish
    our already damaged self image with our allies.:mad:
  7. Yep, they did it all right. Shit like this happens in every occupation, some more than others. I'm sure 99.9 % of the soldiers there are quite moral, but bad apples exist everywhere, and given the power these boys have...well, anything can happen.

    One point to notice, The US is prosecuting these guys instead of sweeping it under the rug as most countries would do.

    They are going to get the death penalty, or at least life in prison.
  8. bsmeter


    I disagree.

    Americans are actually quite smart. The issue is the whole population has been subjected to repeated trauma resulting in schisms in the collective conciousness. These schisms are methodically being filled with sociopathic information by the well controlled media tools.

    As an example, every American knows where he was when he or she heard about 9/11 ( except for Bush of course ). As I said before, repeated trauma inflicted on every generation since ww2 with sociopathic nonesense propagated by the media machine to re inforce the trauma and keep it from healing.

    They're not dumb, they're smart people, but the whole population is suffering from dissociative identity disorder.
  9. Completely right. These scum will do the hardest time known to man. Then they will die.

    Anyone who could possibly find glee in this wretched situation is beneath contempt.

  10. bsmeter


    People join the army for 3 reasons and 3 reasons only.
    1) They're patriots
    2) Don't give a shit about the army but need the money and free education it provides.
    3) Psychopaths

    And guess what? Any military will have a very percentage of sociopaths as being in combat is the only way for them to release their sociopathic tendencies. ( sadistic killings, rapes, hazing on fellow soldiers, etc )

    So if you're a sociopath, you either join the military and sign up for combat to satisfy your blood lust, or you end up like this guy

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (Reuters) - The state of Ohio on Tuesday executed a triple murderer who stabbed and stomped his elderly victims and later begged his trial judge to be put to death.

    ( seems he finally saw Jesus in Jail ? )

    This sort of behavior goes on in every army. One thing I don't like about Americans is how they like to play all "high and mighty, we're better than everyone else", when in fact they are just like every one else. Their government just does a much better job on the propaganda front. The American govt. has a fantastic propaganda machine, they're so good that they can make their own population believe whatever they need them to believe.

    Story of Vietnam massacres is finally out
    By Nick Turse and Deborah Nelson

    This type of bad publicity on the govt machine is a reverse form of trauma, and it's bad for the govt. as it negates the govt. inflicted trauma.
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