US Soldier: Snapped Grinning over Iraqi Corpse

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    "The Sydney Morning Herald

    Soldier snapped grinning over Iraqi corpse

    A female American soldier is seen grinning and giving a thumbs-up over the corpse of an Iraqi detainee in the latest shocking photograph to emerge from the prisoner abuse scandal.

    Specialist Sabrina Harman was pictured with the body of an Iraqi, who other soldiers have told investigators died during interrogation at Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad.

    The photograph was obtained by ABC News, which identified the dead Iraqi as Manadel al-Jamadi.

    Harman, 26, is leaning over the corpse which is packed in ice. The man's mouth is slightly opened and a small patch of blood can be seen on his right temple. His eyes are sealed closed with tape.

    In a second picture, obtained by the news network, another soldier, Specialist Charles Graner, is also seen smiling with a raised thumb as he leans over the corpse.

    According to evidence from Specialist Jason Kenner, obtained by ABC News, the man was brought to the prison by US Navy Seals in good health.

    Spc Kenner said he saw extensive bruising on the man's body when he was brought out of the showers dead.

    He reportedly told investigators there was then a "battle" between CIA and military interrogators over who should dispose of the body.
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    The US Department of Justice has begun an investigation into that death and four others, following a referral from the CIA.

    Six soldiers, including Harman and Graner, are still facing charges over the scandal.

    A seventh, Specialist Jeremy Sivits was yesterday given the maximum available sentence - a year in military detention and a bad conduct discharge - after pleading guilty to the abuse of detainees.

    The world was previously shocked by photographs showing another female soldier, Private Lynndie England, 21, abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

    In one photo she is shown pointing at naked Iraqis and giving a thumbs-up sign, while in another she is holding a naked prisoner by a leash around his neck.

    All the soldiers still facing charges have claimed that they were following orders when they abused prisoners.

    They have claimed that they were following instructions to "soften up" detainees ahead of interrogation sessions.

    Sabrina Harman, who is shown in the latest picture, wanted to be a police officer, her mother Robin said recently.

    Harman said her daughter worked at a pizzeria in Alexandria, Virginia, before joining the Army.

    "She has this attitude that she is going to save the world," Harman said."

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    everyone smiles when they have their picture taken........
  3. It's a gagging reflex


    So what? She takes a picture over a dead Iraqi soldier and that is supposed to be shocking?

    Those animals drag the dismembered bodies of our soldiers through the streets, while people cheer and laugh.
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    "Those animals" as you choose to tag them are just defending their country against an illegal, brutal, pointless invasion that was based on nothing but the spin, lies and deceit of our coward-in-chief bush and his criminal henchmen, and where apart from that the US presence in Iraq has achieved no better than the Saddam it purported to replace, by some counts even far worse if taking the current anarchy, terror, rampant bombings and kidnappings etc into count.



    Those animals" as you erroneously tag them are just defending their country--TigerO

    My post was in regards to lighting corpses on fire, tearing off limbs, dragging shredded bodies through the streets and all the other disgusting inhumane acts that "those animals" do to the dead U.S. soldiers.

    No rational human being can defend those acts. They are animals.
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  8. I guess there is the possibility that one photo may be an off-the-cuff snapshot that the person being photographed barely had time to respond and just managed to squeeze in a smile and a thumbs up, but taken as a whole, the prisoner scandal photos show an alarming pattern of inexcusable and, given the circumstances, incredibly stupid and undisciplined, behavior.

    Btw, isn't it amazing what rapid transformations the Left is capable of undergoing at times? Overnight, bang; gone is their customary moral ambiguity. Abusing prisoners is wrong is wrong and wrong they are telling us. No shades of grey, no putting things "into context", no calls to investigate "underlying causes", no asking "why we they hate us"; just a good old fashioned pointed finger saying "you're wrong, pal!".

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    and the most un-excusable one was that nasty ass pyramid...... i feel for the poor guy that was the foundation of that human structure ( the guy on the bottom with balls all over his face ) hahahahahahahahah........sorry...anyways my boy was put through alot worse during hell week in UF....peace
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