US should think about Canada as a strategic "option"

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Should the US annex Canada (Peacefully) though a democratic referendum ?

  1. Yes, It's a costly proposition but worh it to bring civilization to our northern neighbors

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  2. No, Let's invade them militarly.

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  1. Canada (minus Quebec) can be annexed to the US without major political shift. A referendum might be organized and if properly funded would result in a "democratic" victory.

    Canada could help the US "

    -- Increase its strategic depth
    -- Give access to water / energy resources
    --Increase population somewhat . Very important now the China is rising.
    --Stimulate the economy as the US invests a lot to bring the pathetic Canadian infrastructure up to par with the US.

    US would help with :
    -- Superior political system, business practices, infrastructure, educational institutions, efficient private heath care, system
    -Free Canada from the "Queen" and Canadians from the image of cowards who fled / engaged in treason rather than fight the English
    -- Prestige & power of the United States of America and its proud history.
    -- Solving the Quebec "problem" once and for all by bombing the crap out of them.
    -- Nice WEATHER.
  2. I'm actually kind of glad to see this post. Even though you're an apologist for mass murderering butchers, it seems you have a sense of humour. Finding common ground is the first step in solving differences.
  3. Im reminded of the south Park movie...:p

    Canada would probably kick your butts though...and how embarrassing would that be.