US shoots itself in the foot with tariffs on medicinal products from China

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Are tariffs a failed policy?

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    South Korea to ship 600,000 testing kits to US on Tuesday

    South Korea plans to send 600,000 coronavirus testing kits to the United States on Tuesday in the first such shipment following a request from US President Donald Trump, a Seoul official told Reuters on Monday.

    Trump made the request for testing kits in a telephone call on March 25 with President Moon Jae-in, as the United States was grappling with fast-growing outbreaks in many states.

    A US Federal Emergency Management Agency cargo plane carrying the equipment is scheduled to leave on Tuesday, the official said on condition of anonymity due to the diplomatic sensitivity of the issue.

    The kits were made by two of the three companies that secured preliminary arrival late last month from the US Food and Drug Administration, the official said, but declined to name them.

    The shipments will be handed over to and paid for by the US government, while the additional 150,000 kits will be exported in the near future to be sold via an unspecified local retailer, the official said.

    South Korea's foreign minister did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    South Korean companies have previously shipped test kits to US cities including Los Angeles but this would mark the first bulk order from the US federal government.

    Once struggling with the first large outbreak outside China, South Korea has largely managed to bring its coronavirus cases under control without major disruptions thanks to a massive testing campaign and intensive contact tracing.

    South Korea credits part of its success to moves by government officials and private companies to develop and secure regulatory approval for tests, allowing the country to quickly test thousands of people.

    The United States has recorded more fatalities from the virus than any other country, nearly 22,000 as of Sunday, with 42 states imposing strict stay-at-home orders.

    "We've moved as quickly as possible to get necessary clearances given the urgency of the situation there," the South Korean official said.

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    And soon these Americans will ask Trump to keep them hostage for another 4 years.

    According to Trump the US is the leading country in almost any science or discipline. All Americans are fabulous and do great jobs. No other country in the world is doing better. And all this thanks to Trump who achieved all this.

    The whole world needs the US, the US needs nobody! At least that's what Trump says.
    But why has he, the President of the most powerful nation in the world, have to beg the South Korean President to sent 600,000 testing kits? It seems that there are still a few areas that can improve. Trump will fix that probably in the next few years. He will make America great again!

    Future will tell who made the biggest economical damage: Corona or Trump.

    Trump has however a big advantage: all Americans are fighting Corona, but most don't fight Trump. Until they will see the damage he can produce. After all with Corona they were a bit late to react too...
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    Do you mean dumb the entire population down so hard, they think America is still great right ??

    You've never been great or shall be while you teach religion as fact and have a useless school system that brings up stupid kids.
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    3 months - did you just move here?
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    He registered in 2002
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    Nice to see you back!

    Are you still trading the same stock list and in the same manner as you were in 2017?
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    Current List: amd, mu, roku, intc
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