US Senators to tour oilsands - buy more oil or bitch about the environment?

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    "Well I'm just interested in learning all about it and seeing the volume that's coming into the U.S," North Carolina Democratic Senator Kay Hagan told CBC News. "And I think we're very concerned about purchasing oil from some of the countries in the Middle East and we're very interested in talking to our Canadian partners."

    "There's some lawsuits pending that could affect the ability of the United States to use oilsands products and we're up here to get a balanced view of things," Graham said. "The more Canadian oil for America, the better.

    "The province provides the United States with so much of our energy needs. If nothing else [the visit is] just to say thank you for being a good neighbour."

    "I'm really worried about the lawsuit. I'm worried about overreaching polices that could deny our military some energy resources that come from friendly areas. So that's what we're here to learn about," Graham said.

    The rumour up here is that during Pelosi's visit, she would put on a good face for the Canadian politicians, but then travel back down south and bitch about environmental factors to the US media. The three senators mentioned in this article seem to be more concerned with obtaining more oil from the oilsands, however.