US seizes account of top BitCoin exchange MtGox

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    Government coming down hard on those who implement
    innovative ways by which to get around it in anticipation of the
    imminent collapse of the established currency system.
  3. Who profits from bitcoin ? Someone must be profiting from issuing new bitcoins at those sky high prices, if so that is akin to selling securities without a license and a potential ponzi scheme.
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    Nobody profits from "issuing" bitcoins, this is old thinking. Bitcoins work differently.
    Bitcoin is a global virtual currency, a so called crypto-currency.
    The makers of the Bitcoin infrastructure (math research/sw/network etc.) and users of Bitcoins are not accused of any ponzi sheme type crimes, but Wall Street gangsters (aka banks) are, like GS, Madoff, the Fed, govt, DHS, SEC and many others as everybody knows... just research the history of finance.
    Bitcoin is a solution to all the mess with traditional currencies manipulated by "central banks"...
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    Yeah, not bad, a currency with an automatic devaluation _if_ not spent within a month or so.
    This of course causes things to be done, since money supply is automatically there... and one is forced to spend it...
    IMO a very clever idea, it should be applied world-wide, then we would make a quantum leap in our development on earth and beyond...

    I think this novel idea could be put on top of any currency, be it Bitcoin or USD, Euro, or whatever else...
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    more like selling unregistered shares.
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    Dude seriously, get educated.

    The miners are, specially the one using the special equipment. They can have return on their investment in a week, that is pretty big profit...

    and users of Bitcoins are not accused of any ponzi sheme type crimes,

    We just did. :)

    And if you wait long enough, the government will too. hey there is this new 3 D printer, why don't I just print US dollars with it?

    1. Crying about bitcoin is good.
    2. Knowing the actual laws is better.
    3. Not having your head up in your ass, is the best.
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    The Dwolla account was with a credit union in DesMoines? Why structure it where the Public Sector, federal level, had jurisdiction?
  9. Dwolla is based in Des Moines.

    Also, Mt Gox is sleazy and marginally incompetent...
    The worst possible CENTRALIZATION of Bitcoin.

    Mt Gox will face the same fate as Full Tilt Poker = disappear overnight...
    And BTC Ecosystem will be better off without these assholes...
    That use the proceeds from BTC market manipulation to launch Ripple.

    BTC is a Long Game...
    With serious Venture Capital now pouring in at one end...
    And a patchwork of Govt agencies nipping at the edges.
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