US Securities & Commodities Non-Professional Bundle

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Benign, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. Benign


    Could anyone tell me which markets data it offers in the plan called "US Securities & Commodities Non-Professional Bundle (Includes all Stock, Options, Futures and Bond markets)"?

    So far I know these market data are included:

    Is it all it offers?
  2. Benign


    No one knows?!

    I suppose there are many people trading US market and subscribe to IB's data, but no one knows?!

    Perhaps the so-called Bundle only covers a small portion of markets, so no one want to reveal the truth?!
  3. petteri


    Bundle should provide enough data for most of non-professional traders. It provides vast majority of US stock and futures data with some exceptions.

    Pit-traded CME/CBOT markets are excluded. I think also ICE/NYMEX is excluded, but I am not sure (GBP 1/mo separate fee?). Other US futures markets are included as I know.

    NOTE: NASDAQ and NYSE level I is provided, not level II.
  4. So, it seems that you do not have any inputs so far, so maybe that answers your question.