US school promoting communism

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  2. 'The "Handout"............

    Too hard to rewrite the text books,

    schools are relying on "Handouts" to follow the revisionist's history.
  3. No surprise. School teachers and their unions are about as close as we get to official Communism in this country.
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    Why do you remain in a country you clearly hate?
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    "Promoting"? Not.
  6. Classic anti-intellectualism. Very common with the far right.
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    I don't think he hates the US. He hates what the left and liberalism is doing to it.
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    ...your mentors Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackass.
  9. And yet, for all of the conservatives, smartness and wisdom, they can do nothing to stop it.

  10. :D

    Man, you are really learning from Faux news. Take a statement, quote half of it and then pass it off as fact.

    Kinda like those gay people you hate, but had dinner with:)
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