US Rockets Hit Oil Refinery In Iran...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. I have just heard that US rockets have hit an oil refinery in Iran, near to the Iraq border.... I wonder if we are gonna have a simultaneous war with 2 members of the axis of evil?
  2. candle, you might be a good trader but you're a dumbass in politics. musharaf and the saudi monarch are two of the strongest u.s. allies in the region. and u wanna kill 'em with a missile. hah.
  3. Babak


    candle, that drum roll you hear over the horizon is really the knees of the Iranian regime knocking.

  4. Brother Babak,

    I share your sentiments on Iran, and I totally sympathize with your desire to see Iran freed from the mullahs... there is hope for Iran, and I wish it well in its pursuit of freedom and liberation from fanaticism...

  5. I am fully aware of the ally "status" of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia... it is my view that we should relinquish this status that we afford these two tyrannies and see 'em for what they are... fanatical sponsers and trainers of international terrorism...