US Republicans face record disapproval

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    US Republicans face record disapproval

    Nearly three out of five Americans have an unfavorable view of Republicans, an all-time high, and two in five do not want their own member of Congress reelected, according to a poll out Tuesday.

    Overall, 70 percent of respondents to a CNN/ORC International survey said most US lawmakers should not get a new term, while just 41 percent said their own representative deserved to go back to Washington.

    President Barack Obama's Republican foes won unfavorable reviews from 59 percent, an all-time high since CNN first asked the question in 1992, making the aftermath of the debt-limit battle worse for the party than president Bill Clinton's 1998-1999 impeachment hearings in his sex-and-lies scandal.

    Respondents split when asked about the Democratic Party -- 47 percent said they had a favorable opinion and the same number said they viewed them unfavorably.

    The arch-conservative "Tea Party" movement scored the lowest favorable rating, with 31 percent, though at 51 percent their unfavorable numbers were lower than the Republicans.

    Congressional leaders fared poorly as well, with just 33 percent favorable ratings for Republican House Speaker John Boehner and 31 percent for House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

    Both parties' Senate leaders, Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid, got a 39 percent unfavorable rating.

    Though the Democratic Party had a higher percentage of favorable responses, it has dropped from a five-year high in CNN/ORC polls of 62 percent favorable ratings in November 2008.

    The poll, conducted from August 5 to 7, had an error margin of plus or minus three percentage points.
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    The democratic party's very own cheerleader AK47 chants again.

  3. Obama polls higher then all GOP contenders in 2012

    Democrats in congress poll higher then republicans in congress and the tea party

    When is Obama going to get it in his fucking head that his presidency is failing and approval rating dropping because he keeps caving to republicans and continuing republican polices :mad:
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    Tsing Tao

    So what's Obama's latest approval record?
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    Gallup has him at 40 % - a record low.

  6. Had him at 40,now 41
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    I heard a reporter on Fox News talking about how the downgrade was due to the Tea Party!! After decades of borrowing and spending by Republicrats the Tea Party comes under fire for the default!!
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    On the comeback trail is he?
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    Well at least they didn't blame Bush. :p
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