US real estate market is alive and well

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  1. Would you live in Detroit for $2mil bucks? Probably not.:)
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    what a depressing looking monstrosity
  3. i was about to consider it but looking at all that snow in the pic quickly changed my mind. the heating bill must be huge!
  4. Depends on the rent roll.
    As a single family home.. Probably not.
    As a 11 bedroom boutique B&B.. Possibly.

  5. Not trying to sound racist but over 81% of detroit is black and only 12.5% white. They also have 150,000 muslims in detroit, 80% of which are in favor of Sharia law, so they also might as well be trying to sell a 2.5 million dollar house in nigeria or Sudan. You dont want to spend that kind of money to live there. You are just asking to get shot or have your house robbed. (1 in 16 people are a victim of property crime in think a 2.5 million dollar house that used to be a bording house for broke ex-cons wont be a target?) All those ex-cons will say "Hey, I used to live there. I know what the inside looks like...Lets rob it!"

    Yeah, no thanks.
  6. Detroit knows luxury.

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    The 2011 models are the first American cars I would buy in a long time. The commercials aren't that bad either.
  8. how do you know 80% want sharia law? please provide a link.
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