US priests 'molested over 1,000 children', report says

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  1. Thirteen coils for the fookers!They should stop breathing.
  2. At this point these scandals continue to be horrific but not at all surprising.
  3. I recall nearly getting touched in the boyscouts of America by a young scoutmaster which I joined one summer when visiting family in the US.

    They are up to the same trying to prevent statutes of limitations being repealed.

    The Jehovah's Witnesses are also riddled with this.

    *nearly, three older brothers starting at 7 year difference meant I had a lot of practice knocking the shite out of bigger opponents.
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    A friend of mine from NYMEX hated Trump for years. His brother had subcontracted for a Trump job (finish carpentry) and billed $350K, receiving $40K. Took Trump to court and settled for $100K. Large Irish Catholic family. Leaves the Philly Catholic church due to abuse within his own family... and wait for it... votes Trump.
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  6. Yeah.. I grew up Catholic and like most religions (I mostly except Buddhism from this) it created a mental state were mutually exclusive ideas run in parallel all the time.

    Every notably strong narcissist I've met in the real world has fancied as young a girlfriend as they can get possibly away with, 64 and 18 etc. They move to places like Colombia because it is socially (just barely) passable. Trump.. case closed on him with his 'one stop' parties.

    I've met a couple of evangelical leaders and narcissism was dripping off them. At least 1-2% or men are after pre-pubsecent and maybe 5-8% are strongly attracted to barely post pubescent. Any father of a daughter knows this. Hierarchical organizations involving children, happens with the lot.
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    I took a couple Buddhism courses to fulfill my humanities core. It looks great on paper, save for the sect that walked backwards to avoid consciously killing insects while walking, but it's just another cash grab. Maybe those dudes were just working their calves?
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  8. Sounds like the Janes? Neither Hindu or Buddhist really, very mixed up bunch of course. I remember those dudes in India, they walked forwards but swept the path with a brush.

    Not to be confused with the hero of Canton the man they call Jayne of course ;)
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