US President election and Trading

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  1. If Donald Trump doesnot agree the result of election, there will be high risk of separation & division of USA. Possibly the stock market will go down quickly and big just after the news of disagreement of Trump. So should we sell or clear all the stock long position before the election day? It just becomes more realistic now. need advice!
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    If Trump gets in, Kiss you ass goodbye :)

    I'd be cash for sure, anything else is just a gamble, years back when they contested crashed the markets like hell, upside to it all going well, well there isn't, never gamble when there is no upside.
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    I did not hear the "fat lady sing", didn't Truman and Brexit win? Trump's chances are slim and getting slimmer but one never knows...
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    The only thing relatively certain for Nov 8th is volatility. The market has been in a holding pattern for three months now waiting for this day.

    Doubt I will trade the morning session unless it looks like clean movement. I don’t think results will be out before the close, so I would expect the indexes will close in 50/50 no man’s land.

    I will definitely be at the computer on the overnight to catch the moves that are bound to happen.

    The next two months will probably make the year profit wise.

    Anything is better than this massive emotional indecision we have had.
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  5. Nothing changes nothing changes....both major candidates are the same... They agree with special privileges to corporations... They are interventionist and both are looking to forward their power and wealth through the state.... The idea that its the end of days is stupid... Just trade one day at a time... Measure risk...
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  6. Exciting times ahead,
    Happy trading folks :po_O
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  7. The current projection is that HRC will beat DJT by a sizable margin in electoral votes, 341-197. With that kind of margin, there will not be much to contest.
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    Yep people will say they'll vote for Clinton, cause it's the right thing to do/say but quite a lot will likely for there own reasons still vote Trump ( She's Female, There sexist really to, bla bla bla )

    But also yes, nothing will change the president is just the figure head, hasn't really got any power over anything as Obama's sadly shown, smart good dude, everything good he's tried to do has been blocked.
  9. Obama might be a good dude and all but he has no concept of free market economics
  10. the only way to get free market economics going is to elect a libertarian
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