US policy a lower dollar versus other g7 countries

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    mission accomplished.

    yuan is truly undervalue if every currency has been appreciated against the US dollar except china which is pegged for export/import reasons.
    US dollar lost 40% since 2003 versus other g7 countries.

    only reason gold,oil and market is up...there is no shortage of paper gold or oil..look at natural gas it's selling below cost..there is no actual demand..but natural gas can't be stored so not investable...

    a weak or falling currency is indication weak economy.

    in the 90's the stock market was rising the USD was very strong and rising. now it's opposite..sign of the bad times for US economy.

    disclosure: long USD for a swing trade but will bail out of USD goes to death spiral and no reversal. and fed does going the route of zimbawe or germany 1933 making the german currency toilet paper. just to create a few jobs but in the process destroy the dollar. and economy in the long run.
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    Agree, the dollar is going to collapse, who knows when but the steps that bubble ben bernanke is taking now is leading up to that soon.

    Nothing like trying to inflate the economy out of the worst credit crisis in history.
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    it has already collapse versus the other G7 countries.

    yeah the yuan is 30% undervalued. repeg the yuan and the hell with the duties and tarriffs just raise t he price.