US 'plans huge Saudi arms deal'

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  1. The United States is reported to be preparing a major arms deal with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states worth $20bn (£9.8bn) over the next decade.

    Defence officials quoted by US media said the sales would include advanced weaponry, missile guidance systems, upgraded fighter jets and naval ships.

    It is said to be an attempt to counter the regional threat posed by Iran.

    The officials said the secretaries of state and defence would discuss the deal on a visit to the Gulf next week.

    However, discussions with Congress on the arms package have just begun, and no announcements are expected during the visit, the officials added.

    Israeli 'concern'

    On Saturday, the New York Times and the Washington Post quoted unnamed senior US officials as saying the Bush administration was preparing to an arms sale package for a number of US allies in the Gulf.

    The proposed deal for Saudi Arabia reportedly includes air-to-air missiles, advanced precision-guided bombs, upgrades to its fighters and new naval vessels.

    To counter objections by Israel and its supporters in Congress, the officials said the Jewish state would be offered significantly increased military aid.

    The White House is also said to be concerned that the package may prompt critics of the Saudi government in Congress to oppose it because of concerns about the kingdom's influence in Iraq.

    Other US allies in the Gulf - Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates - could receive equipment and weaponry as part of the deal, the officials said

    The officials said the arms deal aimed to bolster the militaries of the Sunni Arab states as part of a strategy to counter what it sees as a growing threat posed by Iran in the region.

    "The role of the Sunni Arab neighbours is to send a positive, affirmative message to moderates in Iraq in government that the neighbours are with you," a senior State Department official told the New York Times on Friday.

    Defence Secretary Robert Gates is said to be planning to discuss the proposals in a visit to Saudi Arabia next week with the Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.

    Officials said Mr Gates would also reassure the Saudis that his country's commitment to the region remained steadfast regardless of what happens in Iraq in the short term.

    I know that LMT had a recent deal with Turkey, but does anyone have any clue which US company(s) is involved in that deal mentioned in the article?
  2. So far I haven't been able to find out which company is involved in that deal. Any guesses?
  3. Don't rush, this deal will take years.

    As usual it's not clear if saudis will pay for the weapons, or they will be a "gift".
  4. I very much so doubt that the US would give these arms to the oil rich Saudis as a gift. Maybe to Egypt, maybe to Israel. But not the Saudis
  5. Maybe?
    Don't even doubt it will be a gift to Israel -a gift accompained with a check-

    Gift or not, of course the companies that produce this weapons, will get paid, at least with freshly printed (electronically) dollars.
  6. Right after my last post I went to an Arabic news site and there it was the headline about US military aid to Egypt. I wanted to get it in english to show you but I didnt find it on cnn. So guess where I found it? BBC.

    Heres the link:
  7. Thats 63 billion dollars worth of weapons for Israel, Saudi (and other Gulf countries), and Egypt.

    Thats serious money. Good long term investment (and trade when the company's announcement news come out). Only if we knew whos that money going for.

    I think LMT and LLL are highly likely candidates.

    Thoughts eveyrone?
  8. well isnt that warming. not only are we going to default on the massive loans the saudis had entrusted us with(the saudis are funding third world cafta agreements), but we will supply them with the firepower to retaliate, if and when they do find out they have been duped. with many top execs and diplomats with getaways in non-extraditory swissland, this could only mean one thing. didnt we supply osama with military aid a while ago? train him and an army? put saddam into power? saddam was looking to nationalize his oil and sell it via the newly planned iranian oil bourse based in euros. So he was excommunicated for being a witch. Malleus maleficarum took him out. long live the queen!!! oh and uh... the pope. and to think the vatican is what we were looking to get away from when we started america, and now we use the same propaganist tactics. dont these boys(the elite) realize these were the same people that burned their ancestors alive. Now they work for them. well if that isnt straight pussy I dont know what is.
  9. I think it's a gamble to invest so much..
  10. where is all of this money coming from?
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