US planning surgical strike against Iran

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    Was on CNN last night..multiple sources confirm U.S. planning surgical strike against Iran within next few weeks. I think oil is gonna hit the stratosphere soon....
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  3. don't be so quick to Judge

    Mr. I am from Balkans, and am so smart :D
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    RON PAUL 2008!
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    Does the military determine foreign policy now in the United States.

    I thought congress or Senate determines if there should be WAR.

    or yeah and Bush's approval rating is less than 50% so he doesn't have much support from the people in starting a war. Republican regime will be removed in 2 years...

    absolutely genious the 1776 constitution..they knew that a military gov't will result if a regime like Bush stays in power too much longer..

    militarism of the US is a danger..if the people don't want war than there should be no war...there was lots of support for the removal of iraq but not much approval for iraq as the war in iran and afghanistan is a like drag on the economy...and resources of the country. the fall in the US dollar is direct result of this war economy.

  6. The US is ALWAYS planning surgical strikes, especially against countries that are hostile to us such as Iran.

    They're called "contingency plans."
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    Thats why we need Ron Paul.
  8. I thought the point of a democracy was majority rules?

    LOL at anyone who still believes that. School systems good a good job of implanting that myth.

    We live in a corportate dictatorship. What point about majority do the ruling moonbats not get???


    Almost Two-Thirds of Australians Oppose Involvement in Iraq War

    By Gemma Daley

    Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Almost two-thirds of Australians oppose the nation's involvement in Iraq and nearly three- quarters said it made the country a terror target, a new survey showed.

    Some 64 percent opposed Australian soldiers serving in Iraq and 73 percent said it made the nation a terror target, according to a survey by the United States Study Centre at the University of Sydney. Prime Minister John Howard set up the center in November 2006 with a A$25 million ($22.1 million) grant.

    The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

    Howard's Iraq policy has displeased voters ahead of an election this year. Opposition Labor leader Kevin Rudd, 50, says he will negotiate a staged withdrawal of the nation's 1,575 troops if his party wins power.

    ``The commitment to Iraq is not popular, I realize that,'' Howard, 68, told Sydney Radio 2UE today. ``I will take our forces out when conditions improve on the ground.''

    Some 67 percent of the 1,213 polled found U.S. President George W. Bush ``unfavorable'' because of his foreign policies. Bush and Howard share a friendship and Howard has visited the U.S. every year since the 2001 terror attacks in New York and Washington. Bush has called Howard a ``man of steel.''

    Australia will continue to have a ``close'' relationship with the U.S., 92 percent of those surveyed said. Australia's two-way trade with the U.S. was worth A$45 billion in 2006.

    Howard's Liberal-National coalition trailed Labor by 12 percentage points in a Newspoll published this week. Howard has said an election will be held by early December and his government holds a 16-seat majority in the 150-seat lower house of parliament.

    To contact the reporter on this story: Gemma Daley in Canberra at

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