US / Pakistan relations critical

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  2. This happens rather frequently. Below is an article from a Pakistan News Source on a different attack earlier this Fall...

    Of course, this is only one of many incidents... If someone did this in the US, Americans would be yelling bloody murder and exact swift revenge, most likely against some peoples who had nothing to do with it...

    Unfortunately, if the US keeps this up they can expect even more attacks on US soldiers in the region - or worse yet at home.
  3. Same liberal mentality which brought the US down. FYI, Pakistan is a parasite.

    Parasitism is a type of symbiotic relationship where one organism, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host.

    The US made only one serious mistake- should have let Pakistan breakdown in 2008 by Taliban instead of helping it survive.
  4. what happens if taliban gets nukes? They reportedly have over a 100 of them. First got them in 87.
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    Without Pak support US cannot do anything in Afganistan. The moment US leaves the Talibian will be ruling Afganistan in a matter of few months with the assistance from Pak ofcourse.

    Good point on the nukes, now that Pak has tactical nukes also so that makes it much more dangerous.

    So end of it all, nearly 1/2 to 1 Trillion dollars blown up in Afganistan and end result is slightly diluted Al Queda and OBL shot up and dispatched into the sea.

    Makes me laugh as to how US blows up its funds.
  6. That's the horrible mistake US has done. Should have let Pakistan disintegrate- it was politically very unstable earlier. They would never had resources to develop tactical nukes, being consumed by domestic crisis.

    But a parasite is a parasite. The later it is removed from the host, the stronger the damage.
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    People don't realize the extreme seriousness of the situation. My friends that lived in NYC got the message after 911 and moved as far away as possible. I give at least a 50:50 chance that a nuclear warhead is detonated in NYC in the next ten years, perhaps one in London, and one in Berlin and Paris.

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    you serious about what you saying ?

    Personally, I have always considered this a serious possibility, however haven't been able to find many people to agree with me on this hypothesis. Who could have thought something like 9/11 could happen before it did. Who in their right mind could have thought that terrorists will be so sophisticated to fly a plane!!! IF that can happen why not a n-detonation in nyc ??

    Personally, i will put the probability at 25% over the next 50 years, so much lesser than yours, but still substantial.
  9. Isn't it cowardice to keep paying Pakis so that they do not blow up NYC :confused:
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