US outlook bright

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    on CNBC

    Chinese ambassador to US says that China wants more import from US. Asked what US should focus on he says that agriculture is the right place.

    greetings from Europe... peasants.:D :D :D
  2. Booyah, let's sell them corn. What a fiasco. Agriculture is a mess with the ethanol project and now China wants our produce?
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  4. The richer they get, the more food they want. Go figure.
  5. growth market for diabetes pharm.
  6. In 20 years, after 19 years of harrowing economic conditions, rampant starvation and brutal crime rates, the US will become a leading emerging economy.
  7. China's own farm lands are shrinking at exponential rate over the past 10 years due to many reasons,

    - conversion to industrial usage
    - conversion to residential usage
    - pollution


    If China's economic expansion continues, it will need a lot more food import than most people expect.