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    I actually could fund myself through a broker like IB offering portfolio margin, international equities markets and futures but start to be afraid leaving too much cash in a brokerage account.

    Can remote prop firms be a solution ? I don't mind putting up 100k or possibly 200k initial deposit but I typically hold a couple of days and even hold some positions for several weeks, hence commissions would be limited .

    Which firms could offer me similar or even more markets access with suficient leverage (3 to 5 millions in equities, and similar margin requirements as IB for futures), and at what cost?

    Also I'm non US based and prefer trading through offshore corporations and the prop firm could be non US as well.

    Thanks in advance for all input.
  2. dont think any
  3. "...afraid leaving too much cash in a brokerage account."

    Why? Firms such as IB, Schwab, Fidelity, TDAmeitrade have clients with seven figure accounts. Cash is protected by SIPC up to $250,000 (it's not FDIC insured like a bank, however there are restrictions for large brokerage accounts to maintain its cash operations).