us open corporate boxes

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  1. all 84 sold out for the 2 weeks + 700k pre sold tickets....doesnt sound like economic downturn to me
  2. I've been saying that on here for months.

    The NYC area really slowed down from September 08 through March, but ever since the spring it's been back to almost "normal" in regards to spending.

    The press made a big deal about a bunch of corporate boxes not being sold at Yankee stadium and how they had to reduce the price. Big deal, those boxes wouldn't have been sold at those prices even if the market didn't crash.

    Contrary to the constant "sky is falling" reports on ET, the NY area is spending at a healthy rate.

    That being said, the rust belt and parts of CA, AZ, NV, and FL are still in bad shape.
  3. Where do you think the $Trillion or two of bailout money went?
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    Is that what you would qualify as a "green shoot"? Tax deductible business spending by corporations in an area that has benefited greatly by TARP funds?:confused:

    I guess the recession is over, yippy!
  5. Our TARP money at work.:mad:
  6. Well said.
  7. I'm so out of the loop, it took me 2 reads of the OP before I figured out what the hell "us open corporate boxes" meant.
    I first thought "what's this, the US is opening boxes for corporations...huh"?
    And I'm stone cold sober too!
    Thought ya'll could use a laugh.
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    The U.S. should throw some corporate executives in a "box"-aka jail cell.
  9. I totally did the same thing. I was thinking it had something to do with the U.S. opening corporate safety deposit boxes or something.