US on the socialist path.

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    Even the Germans recognize the socialist path the US is trekking on.
    "Geithner's focus was on China, but Germany, Japan and Korea were also in focus, Bruederle said, adding that he regarded the U.S. plans as having "planned economy elements.""

    the US is fighting with manipulations what they cannot get not garner in free markets. Every 3rd rate nation has tried these techniques and failed. because the US is not yet 3rd rate will not stop it from failing if it continues to be over-leveraged by debt.
  2. Mostly everyone is leveraged by debt except those who took advntage of globalization policies to setup an unfair game in their favor, like Germany and China.

    Germany took advantage of EU to create huge surpluses and China took advantage of American ideology of globalization to extract wealth and jobs form American citizens by manipualting exchange rates. Germany manipulated industrial growth in EU nations by directing EU packages to farmers and service sectors while discouraging production in other countries through political influence.

    Those that have the surpluses have the problem, not those that have the debt. Debt can be erased through inflation or default. America can build part of its production again because it has good education and a healthy work force. Ailing EU nations may default. Germany and China will have the problem in the future because the party is over. Their standard of living will adjust downwards. The rest is propaganda.
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    the fed through QE is buying up all the bonds thrown on the market.
    the chinese can get rid of their US paper and use the money to buy hard assets or productive assets
    the chinese without firing a shot are laughing at the US as they destroy themselves
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    Every time the Democrats have power we move a little more into socialism. Social Security, Medicare, Medicade, ObamaCare, Housing Subsidies, Food Stamps, etc., etc. We are at the breaking point. Socialism is turning the U.S. into just another run of the mill country. When the U.S. can no longer afford to protect the world from tyrany the rest of the world will start falling to dictators and communists.
  5. Those two statements contradict each other.

    If the Fed is having to soak up Treasuries, there is no market for China dumping theirs.
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    ask yourself since the fed has decided to be the buyer of last resort at current prices who is selling? the answer is the chinese.
  7. we now have three choices.


    take your choice.
  8. Who's going to protect the rest of the world from the tyranny of the US ?

    It always amazes me how brain washed Americans are about the corruption their country does.
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    What about lesbianism?
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