US Olympians Told To Keep Flag Out of Celebrations

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  1. I don't have a link, but there were reports a few days ago that the US Olympic Committee had issued orders to the effect that athletes were to refrain from overly nationalistic celebrations, such as the now common flag waving victory lap. Apparently in the wake of the war and sour world opinion, the Committee fears such celebrations could spark a backlash or ugly incident.

    I am going to surprise some of you and say I agree with this suggestion. I have always found the chants of "U-S-A, U-S-A", to be in questionable taste( ok, except for the "Miracle on Ice") and some of the past celebrations smacked of no taste at all. One of the problems with the Olympics has been that the nationalism has overshadowed the true spirit of the competition. That spirit was about respectful competition, not rubbing losers' noses in it, or asserting our country is superior because one guy whose ancestors were brought here in a slave ship can run the fastest.

    If anyone is having trouble understanding my position, I suggest you get a copy of Chariots of Fire.
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    You AGREE with this nonsense??? You MUST not be a real conservative after all. RS will be elated. Count my vote like this: BULLS#%T!
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    Proud Americans celebrating in 1968 at Mexico City.
  4. "Years ago, in the days of the Greeks, wars were postponed to make room for the Olympic Games. In modern times, the Games have been postponed twice -- to make room for wars."
    ~Bob Mathias

    (Bob Mathias won his first Olympic Gold in the decathlon at age 17 (youngest male athlete ever), was the first decathlete to win Gold in back to back Olympics, undefeated in his career, (fullback for Stanford in the Rosebowl, US Marine, US Congressman, and still the Stanford school record holder (by 300+ points) over 5 decades later! )
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    i say wave that flag and rub them noses in it.....Imagine the work that it takes to get to the Olympics let alone step up to the podium to get any medal.....try keeping that emotion inside....lets face facts the olympics is about competetion ( via sports ) between is about your best trying to beat our best....I have to agree that it may cause tension waving the American flag because of our situation in IRAQ, but i totally disagree with telling anathlete he cant celebrate how he wants ( of course the panther sign was uncalled for and not a celebration for the USA but for a movement ) :p