US occupation plans for Iraq?

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  1. I almost couldn't believe what I read today. One of the possibilities is to have someone like Gen Tommy Franks lead Iraq in a "transition period". Are you serious? Can you imagine what this looks like to the rest of the world?

    The US makes up about 5% of the worlds population, yet we're telling the other 95%, you get no say in how we'll run the world. We can choose some American General to lead your country because we're the United States, and well,.....that's all that needs to be said.

    And you wonder why so many people hate us around the world?
  2. If the USA goes through with its imperialist plans to colonise Iraq in order to steal its oil, September 11th will look like a wasp sting compared to the cobra bite that is likely to hit US people and interests across the entire planet. The US should not expect and will not get any sympathy for the repercussions on US interests, even from those she regards as her allies.

    The USA has already created enough reasons for the majority of the world to hate it... the USA will be very foolhardy to go down the route of overt imperialism, in addition to her current and pervasive covert imperialism.

    The policies of the USA are by far the biggest threat to world peace, geopolitical stability and pan-continental co-operation.
  3. The mere fact that we would assume that WE know what's best from our standpoint just amazes me. While I am for going in and doing what we need to do, I strongly oppose us dictating as "President's By Default" in another country. Aren't the democrats complaining since we are not sending in someone from their party for the voting (if they aren't, something's up big time). But the general posture would fit how WE generally run over folks when WE go too far. :)

    This is crazy but the congress and the Senate gave the power to this dumb Bush to do so...

    Unbelievable but yes they did so...
    Only in London according to some polls some 500,000 people demonstrated against Bush and Blair and war on Iraq...

    Those bloody politician don't give a damn for human lives... All they care about is power and money. Sad but true...

    Sad news for the rest of the world... Very sad
  5. I have never seen so much bullshit thrown at the American public in my lifetime, with too many people thinking it may be true if the president says it," emails a 77-year-old from Manchester, New Hampshire. "We are being rail roaded into war over here. I am astounded by our president and his tactics utilising fear," says one writer. "When I voted for Bush I had no idea what he would unleash," says another. An Arizonan believes that Bush is "a complete and pathetic idiot ... I think enough Americans are beginning to see that the real regime change needs to take place at the White House". "The Bush presidency should have been nipped in the bud by the supreme court," writes an Illinois resident. "We've been bamboozled and Congress doesn't seem to know what to do." From Maryland comes the cry: "As an American I am totally speechless at whatever emanates from Bush's mouth - I mean, my 12-year-old son would make a better president." In New York, some feel the same way. "To attack with so little proof is ghastly ... As someone who smelled the World Trade Center and its human occupants burn every day for three months, I do not wish that fate on the long-suffering Iraqi people."
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    you know what- fuck sadaam and iraq and fuck all these pansy-ass liberals who think we shouldn't attack iraq. if it wasn't for the oil they produce, that whole region of the world is worthless and full of people that hate us and would do anything in their power to take away our freedoms and liberties that we take for granted. lets go kick the shit out of them AGAIN, maybe then these stupid camelhumpers will learn not to piss off the #1 superpower in the world. i have no compassion for them- sadaam is developing weapons of mass destruction to use against neighboring countries and US!! how will you bleeding-heart liberals feel when you are choking on nerve gas??? these madmen need to be stopped.
  7. Why do they hate you you ... and did they really hate you????

    I think you certainly hate them more than they hate you and yet they should hate you more than you hate them...

  8. Smokey, its because of the policies of people like you that America remains the most hated country in the world, and continues to remain a legitimate target in the eyes of the millions of victims of US foreign policy... Smokey, I used to be like you.... I used to want to destroy the camelhumpers too... but then I woke up, I thought a bit about contemporary history, I figured out the geopolitics and I realised that the USA was sowing the seeds of hate through its murderous global campaigns in the pursuit of power and natural resources... Smokey, were you saying "fuck Saddam" when the USA was arming Saddam with poison gas and weapons of mass destruction to use against the Iranians and the Kurds? Smokey were you saying "fuck Osama" when the CIA was helping him to kill Russians and non-Taliban mujaheddin, were you saying "fuck the Taliban" when Europe and the USA were training their generals in the USA, the Scottish highlands and elsewhere.... the majority of the world (Europeans, Asians, Africans and Arabs) is saying "FUCK USA" and, you know what, they have more of a justification for their rhetoric than you have for yours... US foreign policy remains the biggest threat to global security...
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    Smokey is exactly the kind of person that characterizes the very worst in us. It is his kind of thinking that makes us so hated by the third world countries we are so concerned about.

    We are seen as belligerent bullies. And obviously some Americans like Smokey truly are. What is sad is that in reality, he does not reflect the feelings of the majority. But the outspoken louts like him make enough noise to make much of the world believe we truly think the way he does.

    So here is our most dangerous enemy. The intolerant reactionaries like Smokey_mcPaat. His kind of mind-set is what will inevitably bring about real disaster.

    A guy like this thinks he is a patriot. But in truth, he is as un-American as is possible. A name calling, mean spirited, bully. And this is exactly the kind of image we need to prevent. But even though he is in a small minority, his outlandish attitude, and loud presence evoke the feelings from the world at large that he is representative of America. He and his kind are a danger to us all.

    A narrow minded, hateful bigot. And the worst part of it is I guarantee that he sees himself as representative of all Americans, and that he truly believes that his beliefs are rational. Even G. W. Bush would not be able to read what Smokey posted here without feeling sick. His kind of thinking is EXACTLY the kind of thinking one would expect from a Saddam, or Bin Laden. Extremist, hateful, and insane.

    Shameful that he is an American. He got to be one just by the luck of his birth. But in his heart and in his head, he is anything but an American.

    I apologize to all who read what he said who are not US citizens. He is NOT representative of how most REAL Americans are. He is an embarrassment to us, and to humanity.

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