US - most f*cked up religiously extremist country this side of Saudi Arabia

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Cutten, Apr 17, 2008.

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    Oh boy, this is like something out of Saudi or Taliban-era Afghanistan. If this thing happened in the UK, I would be deeply disturbed and ashamed of the backwardness of the country. Seriously, you guys need to come out of the motherf*cking dark ages. More Bill Maher, less Jerry Falwell and Mitt Romney.
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    I'm very thankful our forefathers drove you from our shores ...
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  4. Christ Cutten! (pun intended)

    The percentage of religious wackos compared to total population is minuscule.

    How could you possibly compare America to Afghanistan?

  5. Ah yes, Britain. The country that invaded and controlled over 60 countries for decades and centuries in the name of the King/Queen, and shoved Christianity down the throat of countless millions.

  6. In 1999, a poll showed that only 47% of Americans would vote for an atheist, irrespective of his or her qualifications and character.
  7. What does this have to do with religious wackos? Just because most people believe in A God, doesn't put them in the extremist category. I believe 47% is a pretty high number. Try asking that in any Latin country, or possibly anywhere outside of Europe and Commie nations.
  8. You should be worried about your country. The UK will be ruled by Sharia law in twenty years.

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    You really think it will take that long?
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