US Mint Announces the Copper American Eagle

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Argent, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Argent


    From tonight's surprise press release:

    "The US Mint is pleased to introduce the newest coin in the overwhelmingly popular American Eagle series: the Copper American Eagle. In recognition of the fact that rampant irresponsible commodity speculation has driven the price of the Gold and Silver Eagles beyond the means of deserving unemployed Americans, seniors on Social Security, and the working poor on Food Stamps, this new Eagle will be made of one Troy ounce of pure copper. With the spot price of copper currently around twenty-five cents per Troy ounce, with minting and distribution costs currently at about three dollars per coin, and in anticipation of copper being the next commodity bubble, this new coin bears a face value of twenty dollars. Of particular interest to the ecologically-minded, by special arrangement with national metals providers, the coin will be made of one hundred percent recycled stolen air conditioning tubing. The coin's face features a magnificent rendering in low relief of a ravished Lady Liberty down on her knees weeping. The obverse shows an American Vulture ripping out the entrails of a prostrate and bleeding Uncle Sam, with the stirring motto "God Save America!" in both English and Mandarin. In anticipation of the acceptance of this offering, we have in the works plans to introduce in the near future a Lead American Eagle."
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    Obama is leaving quite a legacy.