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  1. just wanted to start a discussion with some of my thoughts on the military.

    first of all, to be clear the military is more or less a mercenary force of "volunteers" and i hope it stays that way. In my opinion what democrats or the "neo liberals" dont understand is that for alot of people in this country joining the armed forces as a career is their best bet in terms of job stability and salary.

    how many times have you gone to a fast food restaurant and seen a worthless twenty something year old which will regrettably spend the rest of his life working for a petty hourly wage when at this point he has the opportunity to "make something of himself" by going to Iraq. I have all the respect in the world for servicemen and i dont really think there is a lack of available candidates for deployment its just that too many "wanna be rappers" are too worried about buying $100 shoes then growing some balls and putting a uniform on.

    i personally would never volunteer myself because i dont have too. as an entrepreneur i give back to the community by providing jobs and paying taxes.

    I really think that in 2007 we are very close to establishing "world peace". if we could just get more troops to "surge" we could contain militants and establish a safe and peaceful international world market of trade. im not sure what the numbers are in Iraq but with all the degenerates in this country we could easily triple the troop levels and with all the additional numbers the job could get done safer and faster.

    The war between communism and Capitalism is over. Its not about religion or ethnicity. People just want to make money China doesn't want to take over America they just want economic growth, same thing with Russia... I have traveled the world and i realized everyone just wants to have a nice family and make money not too much to ask. Why are we letting a bunch of "socialists" in caves control world economics when we are so close to having the "free market" move humanity forward. If there is such thing as the NEW WORLD ORDER i want to be on the side that is for advancement and peace.
  2. Oh my, I could not resist. 1000 years of war has given us...the start of 1000 more years of war.

    We just want peace, eh? And you think that people in 'caves' who are armed with small arms somehow hold the entire western military industrial complex at bay? LOL LOL.

    Tell me, why under the watchful eye of the West has Afghanistan drug production reached record highs? A bizarre conincidence?

    Tell me again how these "people in caves" benefitted from 9-11?

    Once again folks, here we have a fool who has convinced himself that his vote counts more than the billion dollar arms/pharma/oil lobby. LOL.

    Wait, next he will tell us that Israel is just a nice kind country that wants "peace", despite 50 years of brutalizing its neighbors.

    As to your original arguement, I suspect that the 58,000 souls from the 60's and 70's, and the almost 10,000 US souls lost in Iraq (not to mention over 20k wounded), would disagree with you.

    15 years ago our Eternal Enemy was Russia, then the evil "reds" who did not take over the world despite the US defeat in Vietnam. Now, our Eternal Enemy is anyone who stands in the way of our economic plunder. Ahhh, the spoils of War.

    p.s. do a google sarch for General Smedley Butler - he was a decorated military veteran who figured all of this out, decades ago.

    p.p.s. why doesn't the military 'grow a set' and had its recruitment advertising state that the sole reason to join up is to kill and torture people whose skin is darker than "ours"?
    Look over the last 50 years - the US only invades countries of people who are not "white".
    But hey, we are not barbaric, we are just a big nice charity who wants to "liberate" everyone. Yes, the average US citizens' hearts bleeds for the common Iraqi. LOL
  3. Joining the US army is the summit of egotism, to the point of a willingness to serve a corrupt government in order obtain a better financial situation for oneself. One has to be extremely stupid to impregnate oneself with the notion that serving in the army, as it exists to today, furthers any nationalistic or self-protectionistic goals by fighting an enemy created by the corrupt government one aspires to serve.

    How many politicians who voted for the war have decided to withdraw from their beaurocratic jobs and join the army, just like the avarage penniless and ludicrous teen did? My friends, they didn't, because they spit on the army. As long as they get an adipose paycheck from the special interest groups for whom they unleashed the wickedness of war, they can't care less about the nation they ought to represent.
  4. i dont vote ...never have never will

    the world has advanced so much in the past 50 years in terms of communications and technology that "its different this time around" i vote for a police state with free trade.
  5. It's their ideology of wanting to kill all Americans and Jews that is
    the problem here. Not the fact they have "small arms" as you say.

    I guess 9/11 was pulled off using "small arms".

    What will it take for people like you to be convinced?

    Twenty dirty bombs going off all around America at once?...:confused:

    If you don't think the "little defenseless men in their caves" are not
    thinking about dirty bombs, ect., then you are as stupid as a horse.
  6. 20 dirty bombs going off would most likely result in moonbats like this declaring that Bush himself set them off, or at least Cheney.

    No, I'm afraid that nothing short of a caliphate being established and Sharia declared as law of the land, combined with public stonings, beheadings, and women being covered and treated like dogs would convince the moonbats that there is a more evil entity out there than the supposed Bush-neocon-jewish cabal.