US Military Gets Their Ass Kicked In Fallujah

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  1. Marines prepare to pull out from Fallujah

    US Military Gets Their Ass Kicked In Fallujah.

    US leaves previously unknown "security organisation
    - the Fallujah Protection Army" holding the bag with veteran of Saddam Hussein's regime to head it.

    Well, that explains why I hit my TP in EUR/USD long position today.
    Quotes from article:

    US officers said earlier in the week they believed they could defang the insurgency by trying to win over Sunni Muslim veterans of Saddam's military.

    Coleman said the veterans could potentially police the city, but if the Marines resumed their offensive on Fallujah it would push the former army personnel toward the insurgency.

    "He (General Salah, named by US Lieutenant Colonel Brennan Byrne as head of the force) might want to shoot at us today. (But) he may want to be our friend tomorrow," Coleman said.

    "If we conduct a full-scale assault in the city, we risk losing him."

    The city, 50 kilometres (30 miles) west of Baghdad in the heart of the so-called Sunni Muslim triangle, has come to symbolise the dogged year-long insurgency against the US presence in Iraq."

    This is the beginning to the end of the US occupation in Iraq.


    The US lost. Sunni Muslims/"militants"/"terrorists" won and are tougher than US marines and special forces.

    Fallujah - The Heart Of Darkness

    This indicates that the Muslim's "Allah" forces are STRONGER than Bush's "Christianity" "Jesus" forces.

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